Here is where I will anonymouosly post my stories from my encounters at work on an ambulance. I work 60 hour weeks, and have very few days off, but if you stick with me, maybe I’ll make it worth while. I will post my tales every week on Friday at 5pm EST. This blog will feature things I see when I am working, and if you are lucky I may throw in my ever so popular opinion on pop culture, sports and maybe even a touch of politics here and there. I need something to use to decompress from the things I see in my line of work, and I think this might just be the place to do it.

NOTE: If you are an EMS professional who would like to submit a story to be published, please fill out the comment card in the Contact Tab. Your story will never be published without your permission and I will never attempt to pass it off as my own.

DISCLAIMER: The stories in this blog are graphic in nature. Readers Discretion is advised.