I feel as though it is customary to begin with an introduction.

While I won’t give you my name, or where I am from, I will give you this…

I am 22 years old. I am an EMT in an unforgiving system. I work more than 60 hour weeks and don’t blink an eye.

I work in a system most EMS workers would kill to be a part of. My teammates and I are responsible for the lives of well over over a million people in a multitude of cities. We do so with between 20 and 40 ambulances at a time. Working in a system like this, I feel it is necessary to tell you, I run many calls a day. I work 12 hours shifts, and it is not uncommon for in this system to run 11, 12, or even 13 calls in a day. I run a wide variety of calls. I can go help a great-grandmother off of the floor and get her back in bed, and twenty minutes later I can arrive on scene to find the limp body of a twenty year old boy, lying lifeless in the street after a shooting.

Our system is large, fast paced, and unforgiving. When you follow my blog, I will give you a behind the scenes pass to see what I see on a daily basis. Things TV could never show. Yet, my promise to you, and to my patients, is that I will do it in a way, that you will never be able to identify who they are, or where they are from.

If you are in EMS, you know what we see, and you may question my reasons behind beginning a blog purely for war stories, when my true reasons are more valid than you may first think. I decompress about calls by talking about them and writing about them. I am using this as a method of ‘getting over’ the calls that keep me awake at night.

If you are a civilian, I want you to beware, these stories are graphic in nature. I am a very detailed writer. I am bringing you behind the scenes and showing you the evil most people pretend doesn’t exist. I will show you the thing’s no-one should ever see.

Well, what are you waiting for?



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